Dark Days in Del-Ray

The Story so Far

Lucien Rivers was asked by his dying mentor Jacques Ravenfoot to find his estranged son Oren Ravenfoot whom he had planned to meet in the city of Del-Ray. Lucian arrived in Del-Ray through the impressive Walderitch teleportation port only to find that Oren had recently been imprisoned for a murder that had taken place on the high seas.

Lucien proceeded to gather the evidence to acquit Oren of the crime only to find that Oren had indeed committed the assassination by means of being in two places at once with a strange mirrored ring. Soon after learning that he had just freed a guilty man Lucien witnessed Oren struck down and killed by a mysterious magically arrow in the streets.

Next Lucien found him self competing in an underground fighting tournament in the back rooms of the tavern the Guilded Goblet. It was particularly odd as the arena where it took place appeared to exist in some sort of pocket plane. After winning the tournament Lucien was approached by a cloaked out of place seeming old man whom no one else appeared to see or at least take notice of. The mysterious figure asked Lucien to meet him the next day at the city’s great library.

After the departure of the cloaked old man, Lucien was approached by Haren Horn, war master and second in command of the infamous Crimson Tigers gang who ran the fighting arena and much of the city’s organized crime. After losing an archery contest and bet to Haren, Lucien reluctantly agreed to help Haren take back disputed tar dealing territory from the vicious lizardfolk gang the fang. Upon completion of the mission, Lucien was offered full time employment as mussel in the Crimson Tigers and given quarters at the Guilded Goblet.

Lucien met the mysterious old man, whose name turned out to be Aldis sparkwell, in the library the next morning. It turned out that the old mans bookishness and love of libraries stemmed from the fact that he himself was the head librarian of a different library, the Walderitch Library in the mage’s guild’s compound. He took Lucien to his office in the mage’s library. The library is off limits to non-guild members, but Aldis walked Lucien in through the service entrance and kitchen, and it seemed that everyone one they passed had no idea that either one of them was there at all.

Aldis wanted to hire Lucien to venture into the swamps to seek out the lair of the dead necromancer Magbar and retrieve a book written by the necromancer. Aldis showed Lucien the copy a book by Magbar that he already possessed. The book he was wished Lucien to find would look similar but be the third volume of the series. Aldis was able to give Lucien a rough map to location of Magbar’s lair. He explained that he was hiring Lucien because he did not wish to send apprentices into the dangerous swamps, lamenting about how the guild no longer taught proper wilderness skills to their students. He also asked Lucien to try and use his underworld connections to locate a very rare book for his collection called Urathis Sardonis for which the librarian had exhausted all standard means of locating.

Not being quite ready for the venture into the swamps yet Lucien continued his day to day activities working for the Crimson Tigers. It was around this time that something very strange happened. He had been wearing the mirror ring that he recovered off of Oren Ravenfoot which had given Lucien the ability to split his consciousness into a copy of himself, although he hadn’t used the ability since he discovered it as the whole process was a bit freaky. After awaking from a very odd dream Lucien found that he was no longer alone in his room and he knew the other occupant very well. Enter Cu’whaengli!!

It was entirely unclear whether Cu’whaengli was a splintered off part of Lucien’s consciousness given its own body or if he was Lucien’s long lost brother who had been trapped in hell. Either way the strong bond between Lucien and Cu’whaengli was undeniable. They were even able to communicate telepathically in the days that Cu’whaengli first arrived. Over time this link faded, but their brother hood only got stronger. Cu’whaengli now went where ever Lucien did and for some reason was universally excepted by everyone who had already met Lucien as if Cu’whaengli had just been his companion all along.

Lucien and Cu’whaengli work in the Crimson Tigers was quickly recognized as outstanding and they soon found themselves in the audience of the mysterious and feared leader of the Tigers known only as The Smith. A short and round, but fiercely intimating man he sent L+C on a number of special missions.

  • They were sent to donate money to and gather intel on a clinic that had been opened in the slums that helped the poor offered help in recovery from tar addiction. L+C found that the clinic was being run by a strange man of a race they had only heard legends of the Githzerai. The Githzerai refused the money from the Smith, but L+C snuck the purse into his office anyways.
  • L+C were sent to buy information from a powerful information broker Siris Vandarius. Vandarius had been refusing to do business with the Smith over some past dispute, but he agreed to sell them the information if they would help him with a task. Vandarius sent L+C to intercept the Lordling Paul Cameron who was riding toward the city with a message from his father Lord Cameron, the most powerful vassal of the kings and governor of the northern mining town also name Cameron.
Their mission was to acquire a copy of the message, while still allowing the Lordling to finish delivering it. Their planned to ambush the young lord but were beaten to it by a troupe of orcs and L+C ended up saving Paul’s life and gaining his friendship making stealing and coping the message a simple task as they camped together to nurse their wounds from the orc attack. On the bodies of the dead orcs they found them to be armed with particularly masterful magic axes far above the workmanship you would expect from the barbaric orcs. Upon closer inspection they found that the axes all had a mysterious arcane mark that appeared to have no purpose except for being a mark that only an arcanly observant individual would find.
  • L+C went to collect money from an in debt lord, but ended up reluctantly paying off his debt themselves for a stake in his mining venture.
  • L+C went sent to kill a smuggler who had lost a load that belonged to the smith. After an altercation outside of the Crusty Barnacle tavern all that was found was an acid burned hole in the ground where the smuggler used to be.

Returning to the Guilded Goblet L+C where met by Elric Ravenwood the resident wizard in charge of special effects in the fighting arena. He invited L+C to participate in a special event in the arena for vip guests. Upon entering the arena they found that it had completely changed its nature. Elric explained that he could completely manipulate the pocket plane with his will, although he claimed to not have created it. Also participating in the Event, L+C met Glave and Giladin two adventures also recruited into the Crimson Tigers after winning an arena fighting tournament.

The four adventures found themselves in a dungeon straight out of the twisted mind of Elric. They faced many strange and some ridiculous puzzles, traps, and monsters. Some were in fact very frustrating and seemed only for the amusement of the creator and his spectators. It all culminated in a massive wheel structure divided into 8 chambers each containing a different obstacle or environment and a trapped monster or group of monsters. The rooms had levers on the walls which would move the trapped monsters from room to room around the wheel. The four where given a certain amount of moves before all the monster would be released so that they could strategically match up monsters with room conditions before having to fight them all. After a number of very grueling fight they emerged victorious of the challenge to await thier promised reward from Elric.


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