3.5 Character Sheet

Lucien remembers very little of his childhood. All he knows is that he was a survivor of a raid on a village and that the Drow ranger Jacques Ravenfoot discovered him and led him to safety. He does remember however that he had two brothers and a sister; Cu’whaengli was the eldest, followed by Lucien, then their sister Sineva, and finally Callisto the youngest. Strangely, Lucien remembers nothing of his parents or of the village he spent the first four years of his life in. Jacques raised Lucien in the vast wilderness of the eastern kingdoms and taught him the subtle arts of the ranger. When he was a child Jacques gave Lucien a book entitled “One Gnome, Ten Dead Giants” the first in a series of mystery novels about the famed Gnome detective Erkan “The Nose” Lorrent. In the back of the book

Lucien wrote the names of his brothers and sisters and keeps it with him always. Lucien will always remember the times when he was a child and Jacques would read to him of the Gnome ranger and his wild forays into wild woods and great cities, always following his famed nose which was rumored to be huge (even for a gnome) unerringly to the scene of a murder. Erkan had solved the great mystery of the incorporeal dryad of the Thistledown woods and had even rescued the King of Exciter’s daughter from the bandit lord Haifa. Jacques would read Lucien sections of the stories to teach him about the peoples of the world and test his reactions. Jacques would frequently bring Lucien along when visiting the local villages and gauge his reactions to other peoples, subtly teaching him how to read peoples and in many cases clues.

Lucien strives to maintain the teachings of Jacques while adventuring in the world. He is quick to grasp subtle signs of nervousness and aversion in others and when provoked has mastered the two bladed sword style of his mentor. He is on a dual quest of discovery. Ever since leaving the dying ranger Jacques Lucien has desired to know more of his past, and to find his family. This has of course resulted in him meeting his elder brother Cu’whaengli, quite by accident. He is completely devoted to his brother while at the same time prone to lecturing “Cu” about his chaotic actions. He has yet to question Cu about the intervening years but suspects Cu is holding this revelation back for the moment.

Lucien is prone to actions approaching the recklessness of Cu which is due in many ways to his obsession with Erkan “The Nose”. Lucien has begun the search for Erkan who he believes to be alive and wandering the world. He has created an elaborate chart made from the six books he has of Erkan’s travels and believes that he can find him. He has also corroborated much of the stories of the Gnome with others he has met and has found much of the knowledge of the Gnome to be true. Lucien desires to find the Gnome for two reasons. One, Lucien wants to meet Erkan because he believes that Jacques knew him long ago and had shared a great adventure. Two, Erkan, and Jacques, worshipped a god who has always fascinated Lucien, Leugh “The Long Arm”. Erkan would gain the occasional divine spell from this god but always maintained that they were limited since he didn’t know the gods true name. Leugh was a very diverse god supposedly known long ago but one who had disappeared from this world. Erkan would always find smatterings of references to Leugh in his travels and always went out of his way to worship him, which also started many adventures. Leugh is an odd god:

Leugh The Long Arm:

Demigod (Neutral)

Leugh was one of a trio of gods in ancient times. His brother Fharlanghn, Dweller on the Horizon, was the god of horizons, distance, travel, wanderers, and roads; watching over those who traveled the unknown passes and ways of the world. Celestian, Dweller in the Heavens, was the god of stars, space, astronomy and sailors, he protected the world from the dangers beyond and gave guidance to those who traveled by and amongst the stars. From he all Lucien knows is what Erkan related in his book Where intrigues lay, so there be a Gnome:

From what I have discovered the priests of Leugh had very different practices Fharlanghn, and Celestian. Leugh was no doubt venerated by travelers but his worship was lighthearted. There are a number of bards who make reference to Leugh in their ballads as it seems that he was their patron when they were on the road. The transition of bards to the worship of Fharlanghn didn’t arise until much later. He was seen as a mischievous traveler who had a knack for walking in and out of trouble unscathed. He had a darker side though. I discovered a manuscript that mentions the priests of Leugh and their strange behavior. It was said that the priests of Leugh were cursed to not only run into trouble but to be drawn to it. This leads me to believe that Leugh’s priests may have gained an infamous reputation. Let me illustrate by paraphrasing an excerpt I translated from a musty manuscript I found in an abandoned monastery:

“A priest of Leugh walked into the village causing an uproar. The foolish villagers believed that the Priests of Leugh were murderers and fomenters of trouble. This is because whenever a priest would walk into a village someone would either be dead, poisoned, diseased, or trapped in a well. The priest simply wished to resupply for a long pilgrimage to Arstenburg (Where is this?). The priest was driven from the village but later, on the road, turned back to the village. He returned to find it in a state of mourning, for their mayor had been murdered. The priest shortly found the man responsible hiding in a barn on the edge of town and had discovered that the man had struck the mayor in an argument and mistakenly killed him. He bound the man and returned him for justice, and then continued on his way with the supplies he needed which the villagers had in payment provided him with. A priest of Leugh walks into trouble, kicks it in the rump, walks out, drinks an ale, and then renews the cycle- Arstenburg Abbey 322”

I have interpreted the veneration of Leugh to include five domains: Travel (Which he shares with Fharlanghn and Celestian), Prophecy (Which he shares with Celestian), Trickery (Which is his own), Inquisition (Which is his own), and finally

Luck (Which is his own). He is in some ways an oracle and in others a wandering rogue with a moral compass. I wish I knew his name and why “Long Arm” I have always wondered? In parting I have managed to contact Leugh, but only by doing justice and by getting into a hoard of trouble. I have attempted to create priests by teaching the willing his ways but they cannot contact him . If you wish to follow the path of Leugh seek out others secrets and tweak a dragons backside.


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