Welcome to Del-Ray!

Long cut off by land from the rest of civilization Del-Ray is a resilient city-state full of tough people. The only point of light in a vast unforgiving wilderness Del-Ray is a shining example of the majesty of human civilization. Founded and still ruled by the [SorenDelwin]], Del-Ray is a sprawling coastal city built around a bay.

The city is nicknamed the city of gold by the sailors and savvy traders who would venture far by sea to make port here. The cities rich mining interests are evident by the gold tipped spires of the city’s palaces and the gold lined armor worn by it’s military. Though the rich are just a small percentage of the cities population. Most of the people of Del-Ray are in the middle and lower classes: Dockworkers, fishermen, sailors, minors, and shopkeepers. The city contains a population of lizardfolk decedents of former slaves used in the mines who mostly live in poverty.

To the south west of the city lie treacherous glades and swamp lands full of crocodiles and other nasties. Farther to the North west lies the massive lake Sumonga is used as a shipping lane to the northern outpost of the Delwin kingdom, Cameron Veil. Governed by the Lord Cameron this mining town lies in the shadow of the massive Argonian mountains, the source of the great mineral wealth of Del-Ray.

Since its inception Del-Ray has been a fiercly independent nation reachable to outsiders only by sea, but recently that all changed. The young king SorenDelwin made a deal with the Walderitch Mages Guild who built a teleportation port in the city. This has ushered in a new area for the city. An era of open, expansive trade and travel. A new era of danger and adventure.

Dark Days in Del-Ray is campaign which examines the underbelly of the city of Del-Ray. A place of crime and festering malcontent, where dangerous foes lurk in the shadows waiting for the right moment to strike. Are you looking into the darkness or is staring it staring back at you?

Dark Days in Del-Ray

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